Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Around Here

I'm so behind that I haven't caught you up with our August...or September. I'll start with August.

The last weekend in July/first of August we went to Atlanta to visit friends. 

I had so much fun seeing my old friend, Monica and Claudia had fun making a new friend, McCartney.

The girls had fun at Monkey Joes. 

Saying goodbye before we left. 


In the butterfly house at the zoo. 

Cake pop! 

Backyard fun.

Blackberry Farm with mom.

Trip to Missouri to see grandparents, cousins and visit the county fair. 

Practicing our smile. 

We made several trips to the splash park. 

Ice cream date. 

Trip to the farm with our friend, Rose. 

Petting a hedgehog. 

And we went to a Day Out with Thomas!

Ready for church.

At the children's museum.

Getting our participation medal and certificate at soccer. 

With our friend, Julia.

Getting toes painted while mom gets a pedicure. 

We also dressed up as Princess Anna a lot! 

Silly girl at the arboretum.

Brushing the goats at the zoo. 

Snuggling our dog, Iris.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Around Here

Children's concert with a friend. 

Waiting for our first Fourth of July fireworks show and enjoying our first funnel cake. 

Fourth of July parade. 

Feeding the ducks at the petting zoo. 

Great dentist check up. 

More soccer - she loves it! 

At the trampoline park with a friend. 

Play date with our buddies. 

Swimming - our favorite activity in July.

A morning at the children's museum. 

Christmas in July! 

Soccer practice with our coach. 

Splash Park! 

Story time at the library with one of our buddies.

Our first-ever time bowling. 

Claudia named this a "Daisy Duck Flower" while out celebrating our friends' 40th Anniversary.

Lunch with friends at the airport. We loved watching planes land. 

Enjoying a new playground opening. 

Riding the horsie at our favorite train restaurant. 

These silly kids underneath the stroller. 

With our friends in Atlanta for a quick girls' getaway.

More Atlanta fun with our friend, McCartney's cousins before we left. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Around Here

Before and after our trip, June was very busy.

Eating donuts is always a fun way to start the day.

Went on a nature hike with friends and saw frogs. 

Trip to a new splash park with friends. 

The toddler gang. We love this group! 

Played on tanks after a special story time at a local museum.

Celebrated Father's Day. 

Went to our very first movie to see Finding Dory. 

Our first soccer lesson was a huge hit. 

Park play date. 

Backyard fun playing with water. 

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