Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful, Day Four

Our last day in DC, we made it to a few more memorials that we didn't see earlier. Among those still on our list were the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in which we took a 45-min audio tour, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

The first of many sculptures at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. This one depicts his early presidency.

This sculpture at the FDR memorial is that of a 1930s breadline.

This sculpture depicts FDR's famous Fireside Chats.

Eleanor Roosevelt.

FDR and his dog, Fala.
Me and Fala...definitely my favorite sculpture of all.

The entrance to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
One last view of the Washington Monument.

Thankful, Day Three

Joe and I started our third day in DC by visiting the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. I vividly remember watching a news special on tv about the US Holocaust Memorial Museum before it opened to the public. Even though the museum opened in 1993 and eighteen years have passed since I watched that story about the museum, it has never left my mind. For obvious reasons, they don't allow photography in the museum but my experience there will never be forgotten. It's a place that everyone should visit if given the opportunity.

We then headed to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I think since a lot of people were off work and kids were out of school, this museum was especially crowded...and there were screaming children everywhere. We didn't last too long before calling it a day but we did see a few things.

The Hope Diamond which is temporarily set in a gaudy Harry Winston setting to celebrate the anniversary of the donation to the Smithsonian.
African Elephant in the middle of the museum.

Thankful, Day Two

Before eating our turkey dinner, we visited the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. One of the main reasons for our trip was to visit Julia Child's kitchen.

My mother-in-law and me standing outside the exhibit of Julia Child's kitchen.

Loved the exhibit for Julia Child's kitchen and how they put everything exactly as it had been in her house and her own kitchen.

The ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

First Lady Michelle Obama's inaguration gown.

Characters from Jim Henson's Sam and Friends, including Kermit the Frog.

Thankful, Day One

Joe and I met his mom and stepdad in Washington, DC this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving. It had been over 20 years (gosh, I'm old!) since my last trip to DC. While many things had changed, much of it was still as I had remembered. Day one, Joe and I explored the city and many of its memorials before having an amazing Mexican dinner.

The White House.

World War II Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.

A quote on one of the walls of the World War II Monument that I especially liked.

"Three Servicemen" part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.
Vietnam Women's Memorial.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An interview...with me!

My sweet friend, Nichole is participating in NaBloPoMo. And she decided to interview yours truly for her blog. By the way, Nichole is a blogging extraordinaire so I consider myself to be kinda famous now. Read my interview here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This might seem lame but I am tired of really good shows getting cancelled. First, Arrested Development. Last year it was Terriers on FX. Now one of my favorites, Community, has been pulled from the mid-season lineup and could be cancelled. Let me just say, there are other shows on NBC that are worthy of being cancelled but this show is actually really clever. And it's practically the only thing my husband and I agree on. So help a girl out, please. Sign the petition. Tweet. FB. Seriously, I'm desperate. Much thanks!


So I didn't get around to making any homemade treats but a store-bought birthday cake is better than no birthday cake, right? (And actually this store bought cake is probably better than something I would have made myself.) Happy birthday, Joe! I hope this is a wonderful year for you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre-birthday celebrating

The hubs birthday is Tuesday and, like usual, I will be in class. But not to worry, we have had a full weekend celebrating early. Here's the short list:

David Sedaris live
Lunch at one of our favorite restaurants
Birthday shopping
Video games (Okay, this one was all Joe.)

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