Thursday, January 29, 2015

Best Friends

"Happiness is a warm puppy." - Charlie Brown

Baby Girl Shopping

One of the many things I like about having a baby girl is baby girl clothes shopping. It's no secret, my daughter has a great wardrobe. (At least I think so.) So many people think I spend a fortune on her clothes. Wrong. 80% of Claudia's clothes are bought on sale or clearance. (Don't ask about the other 20%. I can't show restraint all the time.) I once went to a resale shop and found some name brand clothes I had just purchased on clearance and they were more expensive at the resale shop and they were used. Obviously, that's not always the case but here's an example of my shopping skills just from this week.

Monday: Skirt I bought on clearance one year ago for $1.99. The shirt and leggings were also sale items.

Thursday: This year's Valentine's Day shirt was purchased one year ago, after Valentine's Day, on clearance for $1.99. (Pants were a gift.) 

Tuesday: Hanna Andersson play dress & leggings. Play dress was $15 and leggings were $12. Yes, it's a $27 outfit but this same Hanna dress is currently listed on their website for $39 and leggings are usually $20. (I bought it on a flash sale.) Also, Hanna clothes are sized to last longer so you get much more wear out of them.

Wednesday: Shirt and pants each bought one year ago on clearance at Old Navy for $4 or $5 a piece. 

My clearance haul from Gap on Monday. Everything is in the next size with a couple things being 2T. The cheapest items were $4 and the most expensive was $12 (shirt, overalls, jeans, leggings, pants and 2 pairs of pajamas.) The denim overalls I had been eyeing for weeks. They retailed for $37 and I got them for $12. 

Friday, January 02, 2015

Baby Brunch

Earlier this week, we met our friends for brunch. We love our mommy and baby friends.

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