Saturday, November 12, 2016

Around Here

I'm finally getting around to posting about our busy September and October which means things haven't slowed down any around here. 
A beautiful park play date in September. 

Visiting with a sheep at an old-time county fair sponsored by the county forest preserve. 

Labor Day beach trip to St. Joseph, MI. 

Day at Kohl Children's Museum.

We started ballet classes which has been a favorite addition to our schedule.

Went for a weekend girls' trip to visit Natalie and Addie.

Went apple picking for the very first time. 

Jumped with daddy at the petting zoo. 

Play date with our other friend, Addie. 

Completed another session of soccer. 

Played in the rain. 

Had a visit from our friend, Monica. 

Photo op with mommy before she volunteered for the hospital's annual gala.


Met up with all of our toddler friends to paint on business windows. 

Finally traded in our binkies for a Build-A-Bear. Mom cried - a lot. Claudia cried later when she realized that she wasn't getting them back. It's been tough but I think things are finally going better after a few rough weeks.

Took a kids' cooking class with friends from MOPS.

Picture from a local fall festival. 

Riding rides with friends at a local pumpkin patch.

This year's Halloween costume. We took it for a test run at the pumpkin patch. 

Toddler friends dressed up (and not dressed up) for Halloween 2017.

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