Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Claudia took her first-ever plane ride this weekend as we went to a family reunion in Idaho to see Joe's family. It was a lot of travel for her but she did fantastic.

Claudia at the grave site of her great grandparents. 

Claudia found a pinwheel at the cemetery and was fascinated. 

I couldn't resist a close up. 

Everyone at the family reunion. 

Claudia with her grandma. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Around Here

Caught in the act - trying on mommy's shoes. 

Playing with instruments at music class. I chew on them more than I play them. 

Having fun at the park. Peeking through the lion's head is my favorite thing to do! 

On the carousel with mom during a visit to the zoo. 

At the zoo with our friend. 

Playing at the park with Cooper. 

At the petting zoo with our friend. (By the way, Claudia's friend is wearing her grandmother's dress from the 1950s. How cool is that?) 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Feeling so lucky to celebrate motherhood with this sweet girl. Coffee, church, nap, more coffee, shopping, dinner out, pjs - thank you to my family for a great day! 
Beautiful tulips and roses. 

Around Here

We've been very busy for the past week - Claudia's grandparents from WA came to visit.

Tried to play it cool but grandma and grandpa were coming for a visit! 

With daddy at the Kite Festival. 

"Helped" daddy and grandpa put together the new water table. 

Played at the park.  
Found a new favorite spot - the dog bed - much to mom's dismay. 

Played with the water table for the very first time. 

Read books with grandpa. 

Rode trikes with my bestie. 

And took it easy at the park. 

Read books to my best friends - what a captive audience! 

Slept like an angel. 

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