Thursday, September 17, 2009

A vaccuum break

My mom is starting her second round of radioactive iodine treatment tomorrow which will keep her at home again. At this point, we're really not sure how long that will be. (The last time she couldn't go to the store or church for six weeks for fear she could run into someone pregnant or any children. It was also awhile before she could be around the rest of the adult population, too.) She has stocked up on some essentials and is planning on even doing a little painting inside.

I'm trying something new tonight. In an effort to meet people, I'm joining some ladies from church for a bunco night. I do believe I have only met one of them - maybe two - before. I hope it's fun. I used to not consider myself to be shy but I actually feel like the older I get, the more shy I am. It's scary making new friends when you are 32! Wish me luck.

Back to cleaning. Laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting - all in one day! Who am I?


Jeni said...

Man, I wish you lived around here. We would have such fun together! I'm shy, too, and I've had a lot of trouble making friends here in TN.

Hope your Mom does well with her treatment & isolation. Would it cheer her up to get a card in the mail, even though she doesn't know me?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and prayers to your Mom! We'll send lots of good thoughts her way.

I wish St. Louis was closer to Chicago. It's been hard to make friends here, too. It would be wonderful to see you more often!

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