Tuesday, December 01, 2009

O Christmas Tree

My Wedding Day Barbie ornament. My Barbie ornament collection is quite stunning. :)
Our first Christmas tree!

I feel like a huge grinch but I hate decorating for Christmas. I dread putting up the Christmas tree, getting out the ornaments and everything else that is festive. What I hate even more is having to undecorate the tree and put everything away. This is probably another reason why I haven't done trees or much decorating for the past couple of years.

When I suggested to Joe a few weeks ago that we needed to buy a respectable Christmas tree he looked a little confused. He grew up with real Christmas trees not the artificial ones you'd usually find in my house growing up. Sure, real trees can smell and look nice but I hate the needles. And the watering. And when I think about setting out on an adventure to find a real tree, it just seems like a royal pain. So we went to Target to buy our very first Christmas tree. I was going to be content with just about any small/medium sized tree. Not my husband. Nope. If he was going to have some fake tree in his house it was going to be big and beautiful. So tonight we decorated our new tree. I love it!!

And I remembered why I love having a Christmas tree - my massive ornament collection! Most are from friends and trips I've taken. The only souvenir I bought on our honeymoon was an ornament which is standard procedure whenever I travel. And every time I see my ornaments, I'm reminded by the place/time I purchased it or the friend/relative who gave it to me. Yup, my husband now has a Christmas tree FULL of Barbie ornaments in his living room - thanks, Amber!

Who knows, maybe I won't be such a scrooge next year about getting the tree out. But when the time comes, I will definitely let someone else undecorate it and put everything away.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Joe. =)


prettykitty03 said...

Yay!! Your first Christmas tree -- meaningful and beautiful. :-) I love the Barbie ornaments! How cool is that?!

Nichole said...

I usually don't like putting up the Christmas tree, but I was really into it this year. I think it's because we finally got a real tree again.

Alison said...

You are inspiring. I had this conversation in my head last night:

Is it worth it get out the tree and decorations? I'm not going to be home much in december.

But I like them.

But I have to get it all out and put it up. Really, do I want to do this?

Repeat, repeat, repeat. =)

When am I coming over for dinner to see said beautiful tree and Barbie Doll ornament collection?

kate m. said...

I was so excited to put up the tree this year! I think it was because I couldn't put it up last year. I was worried it would be rusted since it was in our garage during the hurricane (but it was up high). The part I hate is separating all of the branches. That is the WORST! By the way, I love your Starbucks ornament. Classic. Thanks to my mom, our tree seems to have a cartoon theme - lots of Disney. : ) One of the joys of children, I suppose.

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