Sunday, December 05, 2010

Around here...

  • Joe has been sick. Twice to the doctor (today and a few days ago) and even was off work a day this week which almost never happens.
  • I have been deeply emersed in exam, final paper/presentation. The end is in sight! I will finally be finished with economics but have another accounting class to endure in January. Sigh.
  • Joe brought home an early Christmas present for me - a Tempur-pedic pillow. He insisted I have it right now because he knows how much I toss and turn at night, never quite comfortable with my neck. I'm in love! (With Joe and my new pillow.)
  • The first real snow has hit. It's beautiful outside but reminds me all the reasons why I love curling up inside in the winter - cozy blankets, hot coco and soup.
  • Found out that our new favorite tv show may get cancelled and that makes me incredibly sad. It's an extremely smart and well-written show. Why isn't anyone watching?


Nichole said...

I'm sorry Joe's been sick. I hope he's on the mend! We had our first snow this morning. It's mostly melted by now, but it's cold out there. I've never seen that show. I'm thinking maybe we don't get FX.

prettykitty03 said...

Feel better, Joe! Good luck with your finals, Amy!

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