Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets

The hardest part of unpacking has been trying to find a place for all of my kitchen "stuff." I am a little obsessed with kitchen gadgets and live by the motto, "I need everything." So I crammed everything into the kitchen and even bought a Rubbermaid-type cabinet with doors for the garage to store punch bowls, various sizes of crock pots and servings pieces that I might need but rarely use. And just when I thought everything had a place, I found more stuff that needed to be put away. Oops.

So then today I wake up and Joe had left this newspaper article open on the table for me to read. Hmm. Talk about timing.

So maybe I don't really need a blender and a food processor or two different types of mixers, a mandoline, a bread machine (okay, that's actually Joe's), a griddle or half of the other stuff waiting to fall out when I open my cabinet doors. But I love cooking and I love cooking gadgets so I don't foresee any of them leaving my house any time soon.

By far, my favorite kitchen gadget is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I can't believe I actually used to mix things by hand. *Gasp* What's your favorite kitchen gadget?


Nichole said...

Mine's the KitchenAid mixer, absolutely!

Jeni said...

If I had one, mine would be a KitchenAid mixer. I've always wanted one. I agree with what they said in that article - with a good mixer, a blender, and a good knife, you can do just about anything.

(Also - I do not HAVE a good mixer, blender, or good knife. Wah.)

Rach said...

I'm kind of fond of my ice cream maker.

Amy said...

Rachel, that's something I don't have!

Adoption Momma said...

Answer: my husband. :) He does most of the cooking.

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