Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend adventures

Just around the first of the year, I was reading the newspaper when I came across a story about a Chicago street photographer, Vivian Maier, whose work looked amazing. (It's quite a story but the gist is that she had some negatives and prints in a delinquent storage locker that got auctioned off, someone bought them and sorted through them, finally did a search on her name and she had died just days earlier.) Her work has been on exhibit in Chicago and immediately upon reading the article, I told Joe that I had to see it. Fast forward a couple weeks later and I received an email from my friend, Laura in Missouri telling me that she'd just read about this exhibit in Chicago and I should check it out. Do you see why we're friends?

It didn't take much convincing but Laura and I decided we'd see the exhibit together. It seems like this weekend has been planned out forever because it sort of has been. Throw in buying a house, moving and Laura's own schedule and we finally settled on seeing the exhibit the very last weekend it was running. She got into town Friday just hours after my car accident so it was the perfect distraction. Yesterday we went to see, "Finding Vivian Maier" at the Chicago Cultural Center. (Definitely check out her work online.)

Laura and I also had lunch at the famous Billy Goat before heading to Sanrio in search of some Hello Kitty love.

We also ran into people handing out free Peeps. Gotta love free Easter candy! (If you haven't tried the Peepsters you should because they are amazing and I have never been a Peeps fan.) 

I first spotted this car from across the street and I couldn't figure our what was on top of it. Laura soon yelled, "PEEPS!!"

Yesterday was also International Pillow Fight Day so we witnessed a random pillow fight on Michigan Ave. See how much fun Chicago can be?


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