Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My friend Laura brought her two teenagers to Chicago for the U2 concert at Soldier Field. They had an extra ticket. Guess who they asked to tag along? (Thanks, Laura!)

Laura and I before the show. You know you're officially old when the songs you know word-for-word are circa 1987.


Nichole said...

Wow, Laura is awesome!

prettykitty03 said...

Thank you so much for going with us! I don't think I could've handled the mid-life crisis group next to us without you. :) Thanks also for introducing us to some way cool eating places! Big love from all three of us!

Amy said...

Laura, please knock me upside the head if I ever turn into one of those mid-life crisis people from the concert. Too funny!

prettykitty03 said...

If you will return the favor, consider this a virtual handshake and a pact: no mid-life crisis stupidity for Amy or Laura.

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