Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Great American Road Trip, Part 2

Day two in Keystone and we woke up to it absolutely pouring outside. Of course we only packed for sunny weather and a quick look at the forecast showed that it would rain all day. And as luck would have it, supposedly this was their first real rain of the entire summer. My husband was content to not leave the hotel all day but if we were in SD, I wanted to get out and see stuff rain or shine.

At one point we became so desperate for rain gear that we almost bought matching windbreakers with Buffalo emblazoned on them. Fortunately, we eventually found non-matching rain jackets that we both agreed we'd actually wear again. Crisis diverted.

Our first stop was the Crazy Horse Monument. What I didn't realize was that the fog was so heavy we couldn't actually see the mountain carving. Good thing our tickets entitled us to re-enter for the next three days. We did, however, enjoy the museum and the film they showed. We were so moved by the story of Crazy Horse and the family who have dedicated their lives to constructing the monument.

We also took a short mini-tour of Jewel Cave which was packed due to the weather. Our final outing for the day was to Custer State Park where we drove the Needles Highway. I'm not usually one to get car sick but I am still car sick just thinking about this drive. Wow!

Me (minus my cool new rain jacket) standing next to the 1:34 scale Crazy Horse model.
Buffalo we saw at Custer State Park. He was huge and completely ignored us (which I guess is a good thing). About 1,300 buffalo roam the park and, sadly, this was the only one we saw in our two-hour drive around the park. That should also tell you about the massive size of the park.


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