Thursday, December 22, 2011

New ornaments

Tomorrow we leave for Missouri so today Joe and I opened our stockings. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that we are like small children at times and already opened our larger Christmas gifts to each other. Of course we justified opening the other gifts by saving our stockings until right before we left town. We both got each other some fun things including new ornaments.

I adore the movie Up so when I first saw this ornament in a picture my friend Laura posted I knew this was my must-have ornament of the year. I had actually thought about telling Joe to please buy it for me but then thought maybe that wasn't the most polite thing to do so I never mentioned it. What an awesome surprise to find it in my stocking!

If you know Joe, you know that he is obsessed with pizza. I'm sure he thinks it should be its own food group and the only thing one needs to eat on a regular basis. Obviously when I saw this slice of pizza ornament, I knew it would be perfect in our house and on our tree.


prettykitty03 said...

This just made me smile SO much! I hope you all have the best Christmas!

Rach said...

I think we're all mixed up. Tomorrow, the Lowerys are headed to Illinois.

Nichole said...

The kids love your "Up" ornament! And the pizza ornament! We are full of love for your tree.

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