Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is here!

After "summer-like" temps for several days that actually required us to turn our air on in March (crazy!), as of this weekend, we finally have spring weather...I was okay with skipping our traditional Midwest winter this year but going straight into 88 degree days was a little too much for me.

We've had a great weekend and even managed to put together and install a new mailbox this weekend. Neither one of us are "handy" but this was an exceptionally easy project. Never mind that we put it off for the past year, that's another home improvement to mark off our list.

Also noteworthy and fun weekend activities:

  • The Hunger Games. Totally worth the hype, in my opinion. Joe and I bought our tickets a day early because I knew it would be crazy but when we arrived 40 minutes before showtime, I was totally caught off guard that the movie would already be full. We found the last two seats together in the theatre that weren't in the first three rows up front in the "neck-craning" section. We are both looking forward to reading the books now.
  • Jeff Who Lives at Home. Not the best or worst movie I have seen recently but still good. Who doesn't love Jason Segal?
  • Naps. Yes, plural.
  • Friends taking us out to dinner to celebrate me finishing my MBA. And breakfast at one of our favorite spots...and wood-fired pizza. We like to eat.
  • A trip to the gym. Once during the weekend is better than not at all so I'm counting that as a win. Although I'm not sure it countered the dinner, or the breakfast, or the dinner.


Nichole Esmon said...

I loved "The Hunger Games" movie! I wondered after I saw it whether I would've liked it as much if I hadn't read the books. I'm glad to know that I probably would've!

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