Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hair and more

Hair at Paramount Theatre

Typically Joe goes to the driving range alone but I joined him yesterday and am considering taking up golf as well. This all depends on whether or not my "natural" luck at the range continues. I can see it being fun (Hey, I do like mini golf. How much different could this really be?) but I can also see if being frustrating. I might take lessons with Joe in the future and we'll see if fun or frustration wins.

We also took in a great production of the musical, Hair. I will never take for granted all the great theatre we have access to here. It's truly great to wake up, decide you want to see a show, get tickets at one in the afternoon and then go that evening with very little planning.

Tomorrow I'm taking Amtrak for a short trip to visit my family for a couple days. Not my favorite way to travel (I'm apparently incapable of entertaining myself during any car, plane or train trip that lasts more than two hours) but hopefully I survive. Lots of fun things in store for next weekend! 


Barb Markway said...

When I saw the title of your post, I was thinking hairstyles! I so badly need a hair consult :)

Golf? Didn't you go once to the driving range with Jesse, Greg and I (watching)? Hey, I think there is fashion involved in golf... maybe shopping for the perfect golf attire.

Have a good time with your family!

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