Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Visitor

My mother-in-law standing in front of the CS Lewis wardrobe.
Joe and I just arrived back from dropping his mom off at the airport after she's been here visiting for the past two days. We had a nice weekend catching up. It all started on Friday with me picking Jo Ann up and taking her to lunch, then Joe got off work early and showed her around his office along with other areas of interest before we all eventually headed off to a great French dinner. Saturday found us at Starbucks and then to see the CS Lewis and Tolkien artifiacts located nearby before going to see the movie, Argo. (It was AMAZING. Go see it.) After the movie we had a late lunch/early dinner of pizza and walking around one of my favorite little towns. Today was mostly a lazy Sunday before heading off to the airport. And just like that the weekend is quickly coming to a close.


Rach said...

You get to do all the fun stuff!

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