Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things I Have Given Up

So far during my pregnancy there are many things I have given up like:

  • Deli meat
  • Raw fish (no raw sushi or lox)
  • Medium-cooked fillets
  • Caffeine
  • Wine/alcohol
  • Sprouts on my veggie bagel sandwiches
  • Sleep (yes, insomnia for about 18 weeks now)
  • Sleeping on my back
  • Sweet & Low
The hardest, most difficult thing I've given up? Hands down - Sweet & Low. Yes, it's true. Somewhere I decided that maybe my addiction with aspartame needed to end and after 20 years of loving Sweet & Low, sugar doesn't actually taste sweet...or like sugar. Every decaf latte I drink without it - yuck. I miss it. A lot.

One thing I have added into my life? Prenatal aqua aerobics. The one time where everyone in class looks pretty equal in their bathing suits. I'm hoping this helps with the sleep.


Rach said...

You can eat hot deli meat!

Amy said...

I know, Rach but I don't usually eat hot deli meat. But technically I have given up "cold deli meat".

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