Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

I'm finding out there's so much more to getting ready for baby than buying the crib and a few necessities. Nope, it's cleaning out the guest room and finding room for everything that used to reside there. Deciding what to purge and what to keep. Cleaning out the closet in the same room that contained Joe's clothes (amongst other things) and buying an armoire as a replacement closet. Then getting rid of the dresser he used and using the armoire in its place. Then deciding what else in our little house should go as well as we make more room.

Getting ready also means vaccines. My doctor said that anyone who will spend 24 hours or more with the baby in her first six months should have the flu vaccine and the TDAP (within the last year) to protect against whooping cough.

Getting ready means baby classes. Lots of them. Car seat safety, baby basics, childbirth classes, new dads class...and don't forget doctor's appointments.

The baby room thus far - gray and yellow. Last of the furniture arrived yesterday.
Next up - decorating.


Rach said...

Decorations? Challenge Accepted!!!

Amy said...

Rach, I have ordered one thing for the walls and have a couple other things I'm contemplating. This is definitely one of the fun parts!

Nichole said...

It looks great! I started a Pinterest board for you. :)

Shelly Essary said...

I love the colors! Perfect for a nursery! Now what about a name?? ;)

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