Sunday, October 05, 2014

Tis the season

Growing up we had two black cats - Angel & Mr. Whiskers. They were fabulous cats and my family has kind of been obsessed with black cats ever since. In fact, my parents still have a black cat. This one is named, Ru, short for Rufus. (Yes, a dog name for a cat but he was named before they got him.) What better time of year than now to honor our favorite family pets. We've been seeing cute black cat clothes everywhere so we have to have it. All of it. Here's Claudia just from today.

Photo op before church today. We love her black cat sweater. 

On our way to see some pumpkins

Claudia loved the pumpkins and all the people watching from our adventure today. She had so much fun! Can't wait until next year when she's running ahead of us. 


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