Monday, December 08, 2014

Winter ONE-derland

Claudia's birthday is in a few days and we celebrated her first birthday on Saturday with a Winter ONE-derland themed brunch.

Mommy and baby before the party

Claudia with Grandma Kelley

Daddy, mommy and Claudia

The cake! 

One of the guests' tables

Claudia's seat

Party hat and smash cupcake

Claudia with some of her friends

Claudia with her grandparents

Gift table

All guests got decorated sugar cookies - either a "1" or a snowflake

Claudia eyeing her first cupcake

With mom and dad

After a couple bites of cake. Overall, not a fan of it. 

Sign outside the banquet room 

All the baby friends received a gift bag with either a polar bear or penguin inside


Laura said...

This. Is. Amazing. How wonderful!!!

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