Sunday, June 14, 2015

Around Here

Enjoying the dolphin show at the zoo. 

With our friend at the zoo. 

Playing at the splash park. 

So much fun. 

It's been a rainy summer so far but we were able to get a second day in at the splash pad. 

Checking out a new park. 

Using the lid to her snack cup as a telephone. 

Celebrating her 18 month birthday with mom and dad at the Cheesecake Factory. 

Saturday morning play date with her buddies. 

Checking out the butterflies at the Nature Museum

A sunbathing ape at the zoo. (We visited the zoo in the city the same day as the Nature Museum trip. Usually we go to the zoo in the suburbs.) 

One of the many butterflies we saw at the butterfly house. One side the wings looked like wood and the other side the wings were bright blue. 
Claudia met Elsa and Anna last weekend at a local festival. If she was impressed she didn't show it. 


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