Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Getaway

We had four days planned at a resort in WI. We took an under-the-weather Claudia to the doctor the morning we left and the Dr actually thought she had pneumonia! Yikes! Thankfully the chest x-ray confirmed it was a nasty virus instead. Our Dr. was hopeful she'd be over it soon since it had already been a few days. Too late to get our money back so we went thinking we'd go but lay low in our suite until she felt better - which just so happened to be the next day. 
Our sick little munchkin sleeping on the way there. 

Day 2, listening/watching a band play music on the beach. 

Riding on a pontoon boat around Elkhart Lake. 

Playing on the beach. (And, yes, every time I remove her pacifier, she finds it and takes it back.) 

Smiling for the camera. 

Swimming in the pool. 

A view of our awesome resort from the water. 

Our sleepyhead - too tired to get up. 


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