Thursday, February 04, 2016

Around Here

New Year's Eve dinner at Bennihana.

Play date with the boys.

Hug from Cullen.

At the Museum with Rose. 

Play time with Piggy.
At the Museum when Grandma Kelley came to visit. 

Wearing my Macdonald kilt which is the Kelley family plaid.

Just another day in the dog cage with Ellie. 

Open gym with our MOPS friends.

Play date with my bestie, Ellie.

Had the boys over to play...popcorn was a hit. 

Coloring is one of my new favorite things to do these days.

Looking pretty for music class. 

Peacefully sleeping with Piggy.
Mops play date at My Gym.

Magnatiles castle built with mommy's help.


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