Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Around Here

This is how we wait at doctors' appointments.
Park date! 
First trip of the year to the zoo.
Brushing the goats with Rose.

Feeding a parakeet.

At the petting zoo with friends.

Mother's Day 2016.

My little Picasso.


Hugging Ellie at the library.

Petting the farm cat.

A day at Legoland with cousins who came to visit. 

Fun with cousins and Aunt Cathy.

Playing in the mud with Rose.

First ice cream bar.

A trip to the mall means riding cars. 

Backyard fun with the water table.

Posing at the playground. 

Playdate with Cullen.

First splash pad trip of the summer - Memorial Day 2016.

More outside fun on Memorial Day. 
Drawing with daddy's help.


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