Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to school

Monday I started school again after graduating 10 years ago (gasp) to work on my MBA. Many people have asked how my first week went. Let me just say that I am feeling pretty old right about now. Ten years ago we didn't use "Blackboard" to get homework assignments, check on our grades, etc. I also spent more for textbooks for two classes (for a quarter, not a semester) than I would have spent for five classes back in the day. And I hope I can get used to studying again. After my first class on Monday, someone sitting next to me stopped me before I left and asked me about the homework assignment while our teacher was still there. Then the person in front of me turned around and asked me another question. Um, I'm pretty sure these people are asking the WRONG person. I am, by no means, the expert here. The hope is that I can get into the groove soon...and the other hope is that I can get a B or better in Statistics.


prettykitty03 said...

You're going to be great, Amy!! It's so awesome that you've gone back to school.

groovininthesun said...

Trust this older person when I say, you are never too old to do or start anything. Mind over matter. I love learning how to play a guitar. I've always wanted to play, even when I took up piano at age 10. But I didn't get to choose my instrument back then. My biggest regret is not starting in my 20s when I was on my own. Better late than never! Good luck and have FUN!

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