Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jeeves in Bloom

You may have noticed that new recipes have not been so free-flowing around here lately. One reason is that between Joe and me, either one of us or both of us, are in school three nights which only leaves about one dinner together for us on a week night. When we do seem to finally reconnect on weekends, it is usually for dinner out somewhere. So I am a little out of my cooking groove these days.

Joe is a huge Wodehouse fan. He started foaming at the mouth earlier in the week when he read about a play in our area based on Wodehouse's Jeeves so we went on Friday night. The theatre was a great local find and I thought the play was a lot of fun. So much so that I would like to watch the BBC television series, Jeeves and Wooster sometime.

And it is always interesting when Super Bowl Sunday comes around; I am more interested in watching than Joe. (And I only like to watch for the commercials.) My non-sports-watching husband and I skipped out today altogether to go to a movie - Crazy Heart. It was crazy good.


Rach said...

B grew up on Jeeves and Wooster. His fam was (and still is) really into Brit coms. What I've seen of it is pretty funny.

Nichole said...

The Superbowl ads were awful this year; you didn't miss anything. I really want to see "Crazy Heart." Is it worth getting a babysitter, or should I wait for the DVD?

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