Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Undercover agents

Joe and I have been on a secret mission for the last few weeks as "secret shoppers" for a local restaurant company. I know it sounds like everyone's dream job but I will say that it is actually a bit more stressful than I had envisioned. We have to visit certain restaurants on certain weeks and certain days of the week. Our hectic schedule has made it sometimes difficult to fit in our meal on a scheduled night and then we have an hour of paperwork to do afterwards. During the meal we have so much to think about and focus on that I am not sure we actually relax. So far, it has been an eye-opener and I am certain my dining experiences will never be the same. Since we each have to order three courses it's definitely not waistline friendly either but I am happy to experience what will probably be my one and only crack at being a professional food critic!


Rach said...

How did you guys get involved?

Amy said...

A couple we're friends with told us about it, Rach. We had to fill out an application and then wait for them to contact us, go to training/orientation, etc. We will finish sometime in Oct, I think.

Sandi said...

Amy, I did a bunch of mystery shopping in Columbia before having kids. I was just thinking about it the other day...Fun! And yes, definitely more work than you'd think.

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