Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major dilemna

I have a major dilemna. And, no, this post has nothing to do with the up to 25 inches of snow we might get this week.

If you read this with any regularity, you probably know that I love music and love going to concerts. I have been so fortunate to have seen basically anyone and everyone that I really have wanted to see live. The one person who has always alluded me? David Gray. Either he's not touring in the city that I'm currently in or I don't know about it until tickets are sold out or I have to do something stupid instead like go to class...well, finally, I find out that he's coming to Chicago and I am definitely going to see him. So a week or so ago, I got tickets the very second they went on sale. I have been walking on air since then and keep reminding myself, "I'm going to see David Gray!"

The problem? It just occurred to me that the concert happens to be on my favorite day of the year. That's right, I just bought tickets for a David Gray concert for the same evening as the Academy Awards. And I've actually managed to see every single nominated movie this year except for one which will be remedied as soon as Netflix delivers, "The Kids Are All Right" this week.

I'm off to go cry myself to sleep now.


Nichole said...

Amy! What are you going to do? You could DVR the Oscars, I guess, but that's so not you.

kate m. said...

This is quite the dilemma for you! What are you going to do? I equate Oscars with Amy.

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