Saturday, May 07, 2011

Back to reality

Joe and I did a local housewalk tonight that was an annual event for a local charity. Let me just tell you that I still haven't picked my jaw up off the ground. I wish I could show pictures to you of these amazing homes but of course pictures were forbidden and I'm sure would not do them justice anyway. One penthouse had a rooftop deck with a skyline view of Chicago. It was the kind of rooftop deck you see in movies, only it was someone's real life. We also saw statues from the Ming Dynasty and other artifacts that you typically find in museums and not in someone's living room. We saw a house featured in Better Homes & Gardens, an indoor lap pool, 1500 bottle wine cellar, theatre room and a kitchen as big as our entire house and closets almost as big. It was truly amazing. So interesting and so much fun to take a peek. Afterwards we continued the fun by getting Mexican food at a great new restaurant and catching a late showing of Thor. A little cheesy at times but overall it was a fun movie.


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