Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monica's wedding

Monica and I met eons ago in Missouri and this weekend I was honored to be a part of her wedding in St. Louis. She was a gorgeous bride! Joe and I had a great weekend celebrating with Monica and Trinity, their family and friends. We arrived home on Sunday to company as Joe's dad and stepmom were here for a couple days visiting. Now back to reality for awhile until my parents arrive this weekend!

The photo booth was a big hit at the reception - along with the Ted Drewes frozen custard! Left to Right: Me and the bride; all of the bridesmaids; with Joe; Dorian and I. (Click to enlarge)


Judith said...

Aren't you all so cute?! What a great memory maker! I've always loved the 'photo box' strips...8-)

kate m. said...

Fun! Congratulations to Monica! : )

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