Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful, Day Four

Our last day in DC, we made it to a few more memorials that we didn't see earlier. Among those still on our list were the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in which we took a 45-min audio tour, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

The first of many sculptures at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. This one depicts his early presidency.

This sculpture at the FDR memorial is that of a 1930s breadline.

This sculpture depicts FDR's famous Fireside Chats.

Eleanor Roosevelt.

FDR and his dog, Fala.
Me and Fala...definitely my favorite sculpture of all.

The entrance to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
One last view of the Washington Monument.


prettykitty03 said...

OH! I love Fala!
What a wonderful trip! Looks like you had a fabulous time -- so happy for you!

Judith said...

I've been having homesick blues for DC lately--and you guys helped my symptoms! 8-) Great pix--thanks for sharing! Hope you two had a great time. You shared many of my favorite some new ones (gotta see next time).
Thank you!
P.S. the interview was really fun to read...

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