Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dog Wash

It's been a great Saturday so far. Out for breakfast, off to meet classmates to work on homework, a walk to Red Mango and some Starbucks. Also, we took our dogs to the dog wash...kind of like a self-service car wash but instead of washing your car, you wash your dog. They get baths at the vet when they are there being boarded and sometimes we do it at home as well but it's also back-breaking at home. (Also, yesterday was new carpet day so if we can avoid wet dogs at home for awhile, that's a plus.)
As usual, Crumley took it like a champ.

As usual, Iris did not take it like a champ. She tried to bite the blow dryer and blow dryer operator (me). Awesome.


Nichole said...

I still love you, Iris. The new carpet looks great!

prettykitty03 said...

Dog baths. What a great idea! And Red Mango is so awesome.

Barb Markway said...

I wish we had a dog wash place like that. We spend so much on grooming and they still look dirty in about a week!

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