Saturday, February 18, 2012

New carpet day

Yesterday was "new carpet day" and I spent seven hours confined to a 2x3 space in the kitchen while we had new carpet installed. (Thank goodness for the internet!) It was a long day and now we have a lot of our stuff to put back in place. When we moved in, we put new carpet in our basement and one bedroom. The old carpet has stayed put for the past year but became increasingly more disgusting so we decided to replace it with what we put in the basement. The new carpet is plush and cozy for walking around barefoot and sitting on the floor (unlike the stiff, non-soft, gross carpet before). It's also stain-resistant which is a huge plus. Hopefully, now that the entire house is filled with the new plush carpet, our house doesn't look too 70s shag...I think it's such a big change, it will just take a few days to fully adjust.


prettykitty03 said...

So exciting!!! Looks wonderful!

Barb Markway said...

It looks great! And I noticed the doggy toy!

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