Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation Party

My mom's first cousin, Terrie lives in the area and Joe and I have really enjoyed spending time with her family since we've lived here. Just so happens that this was a big weekend for our family. Terrie's son, Adam graduated from college on Friday in Colorado (but they arrived back in Illinois in time to celebrate with us) and Terrie's sister, Pam (who lives in Australia) was in town for her son Jack's graduation from law school today in Chicago. Are you keeping up? That's me and two second cousins all celebrating graduations this weekend. So we had a party...14 of us in all. Great Fabulous food and wonderful company!

Joe and I at the party. (That cute braid in my hair is courtesy of my mom...proof that you never get too old to have your mom braid your hair.)
The specialized menu for our table listing all of our courses. Notice the top right hand corner says, "Happy Graduation Adam, Jack & Amy."

The graduates! Jack, me and Adam.

Our beautiful (and delicious) cake.

My coffee with my name in fondant.


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