Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our Jamaican Getaway

We are home from our Jamaican holiday. Joe and I decided to go back to the resort where we got married almost four years ago for a little rest and relaxation. The only time it seems Joe truly can relax and get away is when he's out of the country and can not answer his phone. :) It was a great trip despite the fact that it rained probably almost more than it didn't. The ladies at the spa told me the weather has been crazy with nonstop rain since March which is out of the ordinary. The only explanation they could offer was climate change. But rain in Jamaica with a little sun here and there is probably better than a regular day in Illinois.
This is me on our first night in Jamaica. Little did I know when I left the house wearing a black skirt, white tank top and a black sweater that those clothes would be all I'd have for almost 36 hours. Yes, I arrived in Jamaica but my bag somehow stayed in Chicago until it was delivered to me the next evening. Upon arriving at the resort, I went straight to the gift shop and bought a dress (which is what I'm wearing in this picture), a swimsuit and a tshirt. The resort also was kind enough to give me another tshirt and some toiletries. I will admit I was a bit bummed for the first day and a half until my bag arrived. Yay for my stuff! And not to worry, I plan on sending the airline the bill.

Happy Joe on the beach. Nothing says relaxation like crystal blue water and white sand in your toes.

The two of us enjoying our fine dining night at the resort. We ate a lot of bad yummy stuff (chocolate croissants every day for breakfast) but I probably also ate more fresh fruit, veggies and drank more water than usual. I'm thinking the good cancels out the bad.

On our last night at the resort, we found this elephant on our bed. This was my favorite out of all the towel creatures that were left for us.

We did a lot of lazing around, hit the beach when it wasn't raining and even went to a killer yoga class. (We had incorrectly assumed that it would be "laid back" yoga and instead I'm still really sore two days later.) Another fun adventure was a glass bottom boat ride. This picture is from one of the glass panes in the bottom of the boat near where we were sitting. We had an amazing viewpoint!

This is a starfish that someone snorkling near our boat gave to the crew on our boat to show us up close. Don't worry - this guy went right back in the water after we all had a good look.

Yesterday I treated myself to a massage in this treehouse. (Sore yoga muscles!) Earlier in the week, Joe and I also had a couples massage on the beach...Ahh, what a great vacation!


Nichole said...

That is a really cute dress. I'm glad you had fun!

prettykitty03 said...

What a wonderful time! I'm so jealous! LOVE the towel critter. :)

Judith said...

Thanks for sharing the getaway photos--what a great break away for the two of you (even WITH a lost bag!)
Also saw your photo of the diploma--way to go, girl!! Woohoo! Hope you truly celebrate...8-)

Alison said...

So fun! I also LOVED the dress!!

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