Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'll show them...or not

I was told in jest by my coworkers that I'm boring because I revealed during a conversation about nail polish that I have strictly worn red nail polish on my toes for years. Not even pink. Just red. When I get a pedicure, upon entering the salon, I walk right up to the wall of nail polish and I select a bright cherry red each and every time. Sure that shade varies from time to time but it's always red.

I work with people who paint their nails black, turquoise, with polka dots and sometimes different colors on each hand. So today, on my much needed day off, I went to get a pedicure. Upon entering the salon, I picked up a bottle of red and then I hesitated. I can be fun. I can be different. So I picked up a bright orange. And right before I walked away, I put the orange down and picked up lime green. After all, I like lime green clothes. It's definitely summery...and fun. The opposite of boring.

I knew the polish was a huge mistake before I even left. My first inkling that I probably looked ridiculous was when the manicurist (or is it pedicurist?) nail technician asked me several times if I liked it. I lied. I said I did. I pretended to be fun. The truth is, I can't wait to change it.

Every time I look down at my lime green toes, the yellow-ish hue catches me off guard and for a split-second I think my toes look sickly...like some weird fungus is growing and I'm seeing if for the first time. So much for being spontaneous.


Nichole said...

I'm proud of you for stepping out a bit! But yeah. That's not a great color.

Rach said...

Oh no! I've been feeling blue. I've done a bright blue and a dark metallic blue.

Anonymous said...

This post absolutely cracked me up.

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