Monday, July 23, 2012

Girls Night In/Out

One of my BFFs is in town for a couple days while her hubby is here on I left work early today and headed to the city. Nichole is a wee bit under the weather right now so we stayed in at the hotel and talked for awhile before heading out to dinner at RPM which was nearby. I've been bugging my husband about going there for quite some time and it didn't disappoint. Best gnocchi ever!

Nichole! We tried a few pictures together and none turned out as well as the pictures of us alone. Sigh.

My potato gnocchi with the garlic bread in the background. So delicious! Nichole had the sweet pea risotto.


Nichole said...

Some day I will be entirely healthy when I see you. The sweet pea risotto was so good! I'm thinking about going back for old-people's 4:30 dinner again today.

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