Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekend Road Trip

With my friend, Rachel. I took zero pictures over the weekend but stole this one from Rachel. Thanks, Rach!
As usual, I have continued to ignore my blog. Last weekend took Joe and I to Missouri for a very quick trip. Joe had made plans a month or so ago to fish with an old friend and the weekend snuck up on us rather quickly. Joe's fishing excursion, somewhat near my old stomping grounds, made for a good excuse to catch up with friends and family.

Our weekend went something like this: drive to Missouri on Friday, drop Joe off at his friend's place late in the day, more driving and off to spend the evening with Breanne and family. Saturday morning up and at 'em to spend the morning with Monica, lunch with Cristin and ice cream/window shopping with Rachel and family. Then more driving and back to see Joe at his friend's house for dinner and a boat ride on the lake. Sunday morning (and more driving) off to see my grandma and to take her to church and then (more driving) lunch with my parents, sister and nieces before hitting the road and making it back home. Whew! Quick, busy weekend. Glad I got to spend a little bit of time with a lot of people I love.


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