Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Sickness has hit our household despite our best efforts to avert it. Over the last several days, I have had many ups and downs. Seems that every 12 hours or so, I feel better. Like I'm okay. Then I feel bad again. Joe, on the other hand, seems to just feel bad. So when I am doing better, I've been playing nursemaid.

We had grand plans for our vacation. Taking cold medicine, hoarding tissues and staying in bed all day wasn't on the agenda.

Our movie quota is low. We haven't done any shopping or been to many restaurants. My tree is still up and will be for the forseeable future. The house looks like it's been ransacked. And tomorrow we're supposed to go back to work. Right now, that seems impossible.

I did have a good day yesterday. For the most part, I felt on the mend. Much better. We had big plans to go to a 9 pm dinner with three other couples. The restaurant was just a couple blocks from our house. I waited on Joe all day, giving him teas, medicines and vitamins in between him sleeping. I was determined for a rally. You see, this was the first NYE in our married life that we had REAL plans. It was the first NYE we were hanging out with other people and we were guaranteed to be awake at midnight. So last night Joe got out of bed at 7:30 pm, showered, and started putting his tuxedo on - he rallied!

For three hours last night, we had dinner and celebrated. Today, it's back to laying around in our pajamas.

NYE 2012


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