Monday, April 14, 2014

A Spring Wedding

Saturday was Claudia's first wedding as my friends Kamilah and Tony got married. We went to the wedding at the beautiful chapel on Northwestern's campus and then to the reception at a nearby hotel. The reception was for adults-only so my friend, Alison came to our room to babysit.

Claudia wearing her finest. Also her first time wearing shoes (well she's worn booties a few times). She finally has a pair of shoes that fit. We had really cute tights for her to wear but it was SO warm on Saturday that we left those off.

Me with my sweet girl

The entire family

A picture with one of my besties, Monica. So good to see her. 

With the beautiful bride, Kamilah after a night of fun and dancing. 

We tried to get a photo op with Monica's baby girl, McCartney but McCartney wasn't having it. She's seven months old and was too out of her routine for photo ops. 


Laura said...

More wonderful photos!! What a sweet family. <3

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