Monday, April 14, 2014


Saturday was a day full of milestones. First of all, Claudia slept through the night for the very first time. Then I put her down in her crib on her stomach while I got a few things out of her dresser. I turned around and she was on her back. I called Joe in and we put her on her stomach again and she rolled over for us several more times. The funny part is that she hasn't done it since.

Claudia has also still been sleeping in our room in her bassinet. She will occasionally nap in her crib but has never slept there overnight or for an extended period of time. She will soon meet the weight limit on the bassinet and we thought she would probably be more comfortable in her crib so last night we made the transition.  We were a little nervous but she did great! She still slept through the night and I think the transition was harder on her parents than it was on her.

Claudia on Saturday - such a big girl! 


Shelly Essary said...

See you are such a great Mom! All the rest of us learned our kids could roll over when they rolled off the bed or couch! ha! Way to go Claudia and KUDOS on sleeping through the night! That's awesome!

Laura said...

This is the cutest photo ever. The HAT!! I love this!!!

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