Monday, June 09, 2014

Before and After

Our interior staircase railing has always been pretty rickety and it's one of those things I knew we'd have to replace once Claudia became more mobile. We finally got around to it and you know how these things evolve. It started out that we needed a new railing and then I thought that as long as the contractor was here maybe he could replace the tile that I have always hated in our basement bathroom and the vanity. Then I decided that if we were replacing the tile and the vanity, maybe we should just replace the toilet, too. Then when my mom was here, she said the perfect time to paint would be while everything was torn out. Well, I did hate the paint color...

Stair railing before 

Stair railing after (ignore the baby gate at the top which is keeping our dogs away, not the baby)

Bathroom before

Bathroom after 


J. said...

Thank you, Amy, for arranging to do this.

Laura said...

Very cool -- everything looks wonderful.

Shelly Essary said...

Awesome home improvements Amy! LOVE the bathroom color! Beautiful.

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