Friday, June 27, 2014

Out. Alone.

Joe and I have only gone out without C a few times since she's been born and we haven't been anywhere alone since March. We decided that we were in desperate need of a night out of the house where we didn't have to worry about a baby crying through dinner and one were we could just focus on catching up with each other. Funny how you can forget to do those things unless you make time for them. So I arranged for a former coworker of mine to come babysit tonight and we went out for a couple hours.

Yesterday someone from the restaurant called to confirm our reservations and asked if we were celebrating anything. I told her no but at dinner another thought occurred to me. We are celebrating something. Maybe our rare night out is us celebrating the fact that we survived the first six months of parenthood.

Overall, the service and food weren't as great as we had hoped for (our fault for straying from our trusty standby) but we got out of the house; I'm calling it a success.

This is what happens when you haven't been out alone in three months and aren't sure when you will get your next opportunity for fine dining. 


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