Saturday, April 24, 2010

A little bit of art

Today Joe and I went downtown to see Willard Wigan's exhibit. I had seen a feature about him on tv several weeks ago and was just completely amazed so I was giddy when I found out he had an exhibit coming to Chicago. His sculptures are so small that they fit inside the eye of a needle and are only visible by looking through a microscope. Some also fit on the end of a pin. The one that completely blew me away was a miniature Charlie Chaplin that was so tiny it fit on the end of one of Wigan's eyelashes - wow! Joe was especially taken with a sculpture of a church carved out of a single grain of sand that fit into the eye of a needle. Definitely take the time to read some articles about this very talented artist. We had to miss him at the gallery last weekend because Joe had to work but we may try to go back another time when he is in town.


prettykitty03 said...

WOW, that is is that even possible?!

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