Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today I am wishing Joe's Grandma Dorothy a very happy 90th birthday. Recently, I asked his family members to share some photos with me for a little photo project. In doing so, I got to see photos spanning about 90 years and learn so much that I didn't know before. Being a new family member, it was really fun to be able to put together some pieces of the puzzle and learn more about Joe's family.

Tomorrow Joe is heading out to the Pacific Northwest for the birthday celebration. Because even Southwest wanted a small fortune for airline tickets over the holiday, I am staying behind to watch the dogs. But not to worry, I still have that almost 40 page paper to keep me company. I have a feeling I will need all the time I can get between now and when I turn it in on Tuesday.

I am also wishing my (second, right?) cousin Meghan a very happy wedding weekend. I know there will be a lot of celebrating in Missouri!


Judith said...

Amy, the photos (& the album that went with them) were the hit of the party! Truly--we could hardly get Mom away from the slide show initially! She was being the little narrator & exclaiming as each new photo popped up! What a great gift--not just for Dorothy, but everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 8-)

Amy said...

Judy, I could have never done it without your help. Thank you for all the pictures you sent!

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