Sunday, May 09, 2010

Testing 1-2-3

Happy Mother's Day! We have had a wonderful weekend - Iron Man 2 on Friday, Joel McHale and Chicago hot dogs on Saturday and this afternoon a jaunt to the arboretum. A few weeks ago, we bought a totally sweet camera and so we decided to take it on a test run today. Here's a few of our snapshots.

This view is of the lake and walking path we like to use while at the arboretum.

In addition to all the trees, there are always beautiful flowers, plants and meticulously groomed hedges.

This is my favorite picture from today. :)


Susan said...

Love the pics! What kind of camera did you end up getting??? Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Amy said...

Thanks, Susan. We got a Canon Rebel T2i. Love it so far.

Nichole said...

Was Joel McHale as dreamy in person as he is on my TV?

Amy said...

He was ever bit as dreamy! I also love his sense of style. He was wearing perfectly ripped jeans and a tshirt.

prettykitty03 said...

Hope you love your new camera! I'm so jealous. :)

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