Monday, September 27, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation

The year was 1998 and I had a brand-new favorite tv show - Felicity. (Yes, I used to watch Dawson's Creek, too.) I loved this tv show...couldn't miss it. And when it ended? I was devastated.

When the show started, I was still in college. When it ended, I was living in an apartment on my own, in a new city and had my first professional job. I kind of feel like Felicity and I both did some growing up together. I remember getting together with my girlfriends to watch episodes and debating over who Felicity should end up with - Ben or Noel.

Fast-forward eight years after the series ended and I'm on break in between summer and fall quarters. I hadn't realized just how much time I had on my hands without classes and homework. And then one day, on a whim, I decided to watch an episode of Felicity. Then another. Another. And another. No, I'm not proud that I have managed to spend my break watching four years worth of television but I am so glad to finally revisit Felicity, Ben and Noel. And now that I got that out of the way, I probably won't have to do it again for about another decade.


groovininthesun said...

You and I must be kindred spirits because I LOVE FELICITY. And yes, I have all the episodes but the last season. Who did not fall in love with Ben, aka Scott Speedman? I also loved Keri Russell and will watch anything with her in it. For example, The Waitress. I was convinced that the writers ripped the story from MY college years because there were so many similarities. It was dejavu! If you ever want to marathon the "HEY" crowd, come visit me!

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