Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quite a day

Early this afternoon, Joe and I went downtown to see Rock of Ages. Our tickets to this 80s jukebox rock musical were my birthday present from Joe and I've been looking forward to it for months. We had such a great time! I mean, what other musical have you been to before where you get "lighters" on your way in so you can sway along to the ballads? And, even though I am not an American Idol fan, I am now a fan of Constantine Maroulis - he was great! It was so much fun to sing-a-long to all of my favorites and if you love hair bands (I do!) than this is the show for you.

Afterwards, we saw the documentary, Catfish. I have been completely intrigued by this one since I saw my first preview. And it didn't disappoint; it was so suspenseful! I highly recommend it. Both of us have put it on our short-list of the greatest movies we've seen so far in 2010.


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