Monday, September 13, 2010

More SLC and Park City

Saturday we visited the downtown Salt Lake City farmer's market which was wonderful and full of great art and delicious smells. We also checked out the local public library. Might not sound like a trip-worthy experience but check out this picture. You can even walk to the rooftop and see views of the entire city (which we did). After the library visit we went to Gilgal sculpture garden. From the garden we headed to Park City for hours of shopping and dining to finish out our day. What a wonderful ski resort town. Loved it!!  Sunday we had brunch, did some shopping and finally headed to the airport - what a great weekend!*

One of the views at the sculpture garden.
Another picture from the sculpture garden. Can you pick out the head, torso, foot, legs and arm? 
Here I am with a new friend in Park City, Utah

*Minor incident (because no trip would be complete without one) we checked our bags with our hotel on Sunday morning while we were out and about once we checked out. We came back to retrieve our bags before heading to the airport and they had mistakenly given one of our suitcases to someone else...who had already packed it in their car and left the hotel. Gulp. Some real panic set in but the hotel was able to contact the people who turned around, came back and the suitcase was, once again, ours. Whew!


prettykitty03 said...

What a wonderful trip! Looks like you got to see so many cool things while celebrating the big 33. And I'm so glad that you got your luggage back. How freaky was that?!

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