Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paris: Day 1

We just returned from Paris and I had many friends comment that they didn't even know we were going. Well we booked and planned our trip in just six short weeks! Yes, we are sometimes adventurous.

I got by on the trip with a few necessary phrases: bonjour, bonsoir, merci (beaucoup), au revoir, etc. My husband, on the other hand, taught himself several things that were quite useful to us. He could count to ten (far more necessary than you'd think), ask for a table for two at a restaurant, ask someone if they could speak English, ask for flat water (or sparkling), etc. He was fabulous at learning some key phrases in a very short amount of time and really great at understanding people, too.

Our first day in Paris went something like this...

We dropped our luggage off at our cute boutique hotel. It was built in late 1700s! And the only elevator was a tiny cage elevator from the 1920s that we barely managed to squeeze into.

We then had lunch - our first real French meal -  at the cafe next door to our hotel.

Imagine my surprise when an article on the internet pointed out Julia Child's apartment address...in the same structure as our hotel, just on the other side of our lunch spot. I loved knowing that I was in her old stomping grounds.

Then we took off walking to one of the most well known landmark's in the world - the Eiffel Tower.

I really couldn't believe how big it was once we were close to it.

I'll admit it, going to the top was THE scariest thing I have ever done. I think it was because you could see out the window throughout the entire elevator ride...and the structure was built in 1889...and it is over 1,000 feet tall! (After reaching the top level, my better half may or may not have walked the stairs with me to the very, very top.)

Joe and I taking our own photo at the top (almost the tip top). Still wearing clothes from the plane ride over. We kept hearing announements that "Pickpockets are active in the Tower." Pickpockets were common at many tourist spots in Paris so we were very vigilant. Also most pictures we took were either self shots or just one of us taking a photo of the other - no handing our camera over to just anyone for a shot of us.

View of the city from the top of the Tower.

After officially checking into our room, and finally changing our clothes, we went to the Musee Rodin (Rodin Museum). It started to rain so we didn't linger in the garden too long but we did get to see The Thinker.

Our last museum stop of the day was the Musee D'Orsay for lots and lots of art. (No photos allowed inside.)

After a very long day, and a big time change, we decided to stop at the bar across from our hotel for something quick and easy. It was here, believe it or not, that I had one of my favorite meals in Paris. My croque monsieur was so good! I am still thinking about this sandwich.


Laura said...

Your photos are so wonderful, Amy! I'm thrilled that you and Joe are home same and sound after such a beautiful trip. *Big Hugs*

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